Erwin Rintjema
Managing director & production manager

After having a part time job in the event industry during his college years, Erwin started his first real job in 2001: at Sightline! Through the years he has grown with the company and has always thrown himself onto any challenge that presented. He still brings as much energy to every production as he brings to the volleyball or squash court. Meanwhile he has taken the helm of Sightline together with Tammo and his first job has grown into the most diverse passion he can imagine!

Tammo van Brakel
Managing director & production manager

Tammo preferably spends his days driving his Land Rover through the mud, but his work in the entertainment industry is definitely as big a passion. After having been a hardware supplier and a local promoter he landed with Sightline in 2005. Ahead of the troops and in for any challenge, that defines Tammo. Since 2013 he is in charge of Sightline, together with Erwin. A job he takes on every day with his well known confidence and enthousiasm!

Jaap Bouma
Production manager

Jaap holds a PhD in Mechanical engineering but found his passion in the events industry. For years he worked for us as a freelancer on many jobs around the world. We were proud to add him to our permanent staff in 2010. Jaap puts things into perspective and keeps everybody’s feet on the ground. In this way he approaches every challenge in his very own down-to earth style. In his free time he enjoys the great outdoors and snowboarding, he even built his own house in the forests of the Veluwe. So he really fit’s in the Sightline outdoor-loving profile!

Patrick van der Neut
Technical drawer and designer

After an absence of a few years, during which he enormously expanded his knowledge of events, we are glad Patrick is back on the trusted Sightline nest. In his spare time he is the spiritual and creative father of the BBQOW, together with colleague Sander. Something we are only too happy with, because with his enthusiasm, collegial attitude and love for good food, he keeps the atmosphere (and the fire) going!

Jeroen Veenman
Production manager

The events business has few secrets for Jeroen, production manager to the bone. Before joining Sightline he gained years of experience as a lighting crew chief, but always looking beyond the horizon at how other suppliers worked. Since 2014 he works for us and coördinates all suppliers at our productions. With hhis trade mark enthousiasm and skill level, he gets the job done!

Jos van der Hoeven
Production manager

As an audio projectmanager Jos stood out for years with his overview and broad interdisciplinary interests. Therefore it made us very proud that the next step in his career meant him joining our team as a production manager on March 1st 2015. Jos is yet another part of our team that makes us even more diverse. Just like with a good even: lights, sound, video and set all together make the perfect show!

Erik De Vrankrijker
Production manager

Erik’s two passions are sports and events. Before getting on board with us he gained most of his experience producing and directing sports events. But his drive and amibition went beyond that and that made him a great match for our team, sice we are always looking for ambtious multitaskers. Whether it’s producing, editing, being creative or having fun, Erik always works hard with a smile on his face and a terrible apres-ski-Spotify-playlist in the background.

Frans van Kouwen
Technical drawer

After working as a promotor for years and years, Frans nowadays brings the perfect balance in our team with lots of youngsters. Ever since he left hard-core Rock ‘n Roll in 2008 he is at the heart of our CAD-office. Frans produces a lot of our technical drawings and besides that spends a lot of his time developing the software we use to create even better 3D drawings every time. He shares his private life with no less than three women: his great love Sara, their daughter and their small blonde dog Molly...

Sander van der Ham
Technical drawer and designer

The creative talent of Sightline. Sander joined Sightline as an intern and has not gone away. As a technical drawer he translates the most complex designs into CAD. But creating beautiful designs really makes Sanders blood run faster. A powerful combination: Creativity, but with great detailed eye for the technique; exactly what Sightline as a company wants to be.

Pascal Rintjema
Production manager

A member of our team since the summer of 2011, Pascal is one of latest additions to the Sightline family. He stirs things up with young enthousiasm and eagerness to learn everything about anything. He's not afraid to question why things are done the way they are, which helps us all to keep looking at what we do in a fresh and open way.

Herwin Schippers
Production manager

Herwin, the young quiet engine. Member of our team only since January 2012, but found his place immediately. He organises and produces quietly in the background. But mind you: time after time he proves to have prepared everything to the smallest detail, nothing escapes his attention!

Marcel Vellekoop
Production manager

After not one, but two internships ánd working for us as a freelancer for a while, Marcel joined the Sightline-family full time in 2014 as a junior production manager. Besides that he is also a gifted CAD drawer, so here we have another great multitasker! Marcel fits in the “quiet waters run deep” category, he is interested in every aspect of our profession and makes sure he dots all the i’s and get’s the job done every time.

Jasper van der Klauw
Junior production Manager

After his graduation internship, Jasper has been given a permanent place in our team and we are happy with that. Good organizational capacity, super-fast CAD skills and nerves of steel make him a versatile and reliable colleague and ensure a tidy warehouse. Outside of Sightline hours, Jasper likes to float around in a boat or is busy tying knots at the scouts, this might come in handy for “you-never-know”!

Vera Vianen
Management Assistent

Clear language and a big smile, that is Vera’s style. She supports Tammo and Erwin with many practical tasks and at the same time she pulls many other office-tasks towards herself, because sitting still is not an option. The bigger the pile of work on her desk, the more she likes it. Vera has a teenage daughter ánd used to be a very succesful blogger, so that gives her all the knowledge to guard our social media outings. Like!

Joan Huele

The silent force of Sightline. People outside the company rarely speak to Joan directly on a daily basis, but in different ways they do: every financial aspect passes her desk. With great precision, she ensures that our financial household is in order, and takes care of our payments.