Time to Dance

January + February 2018
Maassilo, Rotterdam en Studio 1, Aalsmeer
Time to Dance

Time to Dance


Last minute we took care of the technical production of the new dance program Time to Dance at the request of Blue Circle. Due to the pregnancy of presenter Chantal Janzen the original recording schedule shifted forward several months. From the first contact to the first day of admission only two weeks were available. 


The two preliminary rounds were recorded in the Maassilo in Rotterdam, the five follow-up episodes were recorded in the large studio set in Studio 1 in Aalsmeer. The set design and TV control were provided by David Grifhorst, the light design was by Bas van der Poel. Production manager Guus Hogenes and technical drawer Stijn Kierkels took care of this rush job on behalf of Sightline Productions.



April 27, 2018


January & February 2018


Maassilo, Rotterdam & Studio 1, Aalsmeer


Blue Circle


Guus Hogenes & Stijn Kierkels


David Grifhorst


Jorrit Lousberg - www.lightatwork.nl - Contact before use


Dance, Indoor, TV