King of the Court – Utrecht

7 september 2018
Jaarbeursplein, Utrecht
King of the Court

King of the Court – Utrecht

Commissioned by producer BRNDRZ, Sightline stood at the beginning of the King of the Court sports concept. King of the Court is a brand new form of beach volleyball where action and entertainment at unique locations are guaranteed.
Designer Wilco Nijland (COO of Sportworx) thought that the kick-off of the very first edition should be held in his own city, Utrecht. And so it happened. The renewed Jaarbeursplein was not officially opened yet, but we were already there!
From “the stairs” at Utrecht Central Station you had a beautiful view over the playing field. Our Dutch men made it to second place this day after an exciting final. Parallel to this event in Utrecht, King of the Court was also built in Antwerp. These events took place one day in a row. The event could be followed through dozens of online channels, all over the world!

September 7, 2018


September 3 to September 10, 2018


Jaarbeursplein, Utrecht




Tammo van Brakel & Jasper van der Klauw


Jorrit Lousberg - contact before use


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