We design, produce and facilitate the technical production of entertainment concepts.
Since we were founded in 1996 we have made a meaningful contribution
to over one thousand big and small productions, in the Netherlands and abroad!
Technical Production

The core element of what we do is technical production, or technical coördination. Together with our clients we translate creative ideas and wishes into technical reality. We do this as an intermediate between the organiser of an event and the suppliers who supply the technical facilities. These are not just suppliers of lights, sound, rigging, video, show control and set but also of power, toilets, fencing, climate control, safety equipment etc.


Sightline Productions was founded in 1996 and ever since we have been able to do our work in the full width of the events market. From stadium shows and festivals, through television sets and award shows to corporate events and site productions. Our team of production managers consists of an ideal mix of people with years of experience and young talent so that we always get to work with a solid base but never loose sight of chances to renew or improve the way we work.


We work completely independent from our suppliers. This puts us free in the market so that we can always work with the right supplier for each specific project. It also gives us the power to independently compare prices between different suppliers and thus ensure the best possible price.

From small to big

Efficiency and good coördination are key values for all event-sizes. This is why we work on big shows with many thousands of visitors, but also on smaller events, for which a good end result and a smooth route getting there are equally important.

Broad services

The core service we provide is technical production. On request we are able to broaden this with extra services in which we are also specialised: On the front end we have in-house talent and experience in providing set designs. We do this using software such as AutoCad, Maya, Creative Suite etc. This always leads to the required level of visual; from technical 3D drawing, through rendered visual and dtp layout to fully animated set designs. On the back end, on request, we are capable of assisting with or even fully handle the financial process of renting facilities. We always do this with open books and based on the client’s wishes. Another specialty of ours is that we own advanced measuring tools to digitally measure venues and sites in 3D or quickly and efficiently plot out productions in the field from CAD drawings.

Technical drawing

The technical foundation for almost every event is a good technical drawing. Placing a set in a venue, fitting all elements of a production together in 3D, permit drawings, audience capacity, sightlines; all these elements are crucial for a succesful event. With the professionalisation of the events market in recent years, the sets becoming more and more complex and time schedules becoming tighter, the importance of good drawings has grown more and more. This is why we are specialised in technical drawing and why our production managers and CAD specialists are capable of processing and delivering drawings on a very high quality level. We do our technical drawing in AutoCAD, and actively work together with developers to build and refine tools especially designed for the events market, so the quality of our drawings keeps improving every day.

Sightline Productions is a member of the “Vereniging van Evenementenmakers.”

Our clients